onsite or remote attendance

Following a growing attention in emission reduction NEXTBUILT adopts a hybrid modality to facilitate the participation of contributors from very far countries or who cannot attend physically for any reason through a remote connection via a conference platform. This includes the option to watch presentations in real time and easily connect with other participants online.

Of course, in-person participation is encouraged to experience the best of the conference atmosphere and chance for networking.


All remote participants will be given access to the web platform during the conference days. The platform will stream the program in real time.

Remote oral presenters will upload their previously recorded presentations beforehand. This is to ensure a timely and efficient schedule during the sessions. While the video is being shown both online and onsite, they will connect for a Q&A session. Questions will be asked both onsite and via chat online and will be transmitted to the presenter by the session chair.

Online viewers will be able to watch presentations in real time.


No changes in the registration fee, which is calculated to cover professional quality services whether you take part remotely or in person. This will also allow last minute changing in attendance mode should any travel issues occur. The registration fee includes the open-access publication fee of the paper.

It is possible to change to onsite attendance to remote attendance but please let us know as soon as possible.


We will be pleased to clarify your doubts.

NEXTBUILT24 is promoted within the activities of SiTdA clusters Environmental Design and Energy Climate and Architecture

NEXTBUILT24 is supported by Piercurrà Architettura