Energy use
in the built

Water scarcity and
cities response capacity to extreme events

New paradigms
in buildings
expected lifetime

Tools and means
to go beyond
the climate neutral transition

Keynote Speakers

Check out the international speakers who will be speaking at the conference next May! They will provide valuable insight and perspectives that will help us shape the future of our sector. 

Call for Abstracts

Take part in the challenge, send your contribution and take the opportunity to connect with researchers, designers and policymakers working in the built environment.

Key dates

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This NEXTBUILT edition aims to stimulate a reflection on resource scarcity in the next generation built environment, assuming a strongly forward-looking approach. How can we live with less? Ranging from tangible (materials, water, energy) to intangible means (finance, resources, time), the Conference seeks for contributions to discuss policies, trends, strategies, methodologies, design approaches and technologies to tackle future needs by overcoming business-as-usual models. The Conference offers the opportunity to bring together bright minds, giving idea-focused talks on four key topics and sharing lessons learned, inspirations, and pathways to shape the NEXT generation BUILT environment.  



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