NEXT BUILT proudly adopts a free of charge format to encourage the widest participation of young designers and researchers

The conference is also based on an innovative and dynamic structure combining inspiring keynote lectures held during the morning plenary session and multiple discussion round tables in the afternoon parallel sessions.

Plenary session is physically hosted in Bologna; however, due to the pandemic circumstances and possible restrictions, the access can be limited. To ensure everyone can get the best from the valuable key notes, the plenary session is also accessible via live streaming. 

Round tables are entirely managed via web platform to ensure the widest participation and interaction. Each of the four parallel session is chaired by the Topic keynote speaker and by a dedicated facilitator. A final wrap up activity is included. 


Plenary session takes place in the morning and it includes the keynote lectures of our four international speakers. The plenary session is aimed at encouraging the participation of members of all parties, from students, designers and researchers to policymakers.

Round tables are intended as a place where participants have the chance to effectively introduce their contribute and then open a discussion to point out key trends, insights, achievements and barriers within the specific topic.  

Accordingly, presenters are asked to adopt the PechaKucha format to deliver their contribute. Presenters show 20 slides for 20 seconds of commentary each. The scope is to be extremely catching and effective directly evidencing the very core elements of one’s own study or experience. 


NEXTBUILT will take place in the unique setting of the historic centre of Bologna, Italy (Palazzo D’Accursio, Sala degli Anziani)The organization adopts all the necessary measures to ensure the safety condition of participants. Thus, the event adheres to the envisaged COVID-19 restrictions. At the same time, it is fully accessible via web platform. Please check for updates when the conference date is approaching.

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