Reader in Architecture and Environmental Design at the School of Architecture and Cities. She gained her PhD at the Architectural Association in London and became Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. She previously worked as environmental design consultant in the UK, at Brian Ford and Associates and WSP Environmental Ltd. She is involved in several EU funded research projects on thermal performance of buildings and passive cooling. Between 2006 and 2013 she taught in the SED Master at the AA and definitively moved to the University of Westminster where in 2014 she set up new BSc and MSc courses in Architecture and Environmental Design as well as an expanding research and PhD groups.

Senior researcher and Scientific Coordinator of the Research Area Energy in Built Environment at National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG). She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering, Building Physics and has more than twenty years of experience in energy efficiency and sustainable design strategies for buildings. Actively involved in EU founded projects and networks as IEA, EERA, eseia, she is vice chair of Joint Programme of Smart Cities under European Energy Research Alliance Joint of strategic (EERA JPSC) where she is also responsible for the strategic Module 2 Positive Energy Districts Laboratories (PED-Lab) in the framework of implementation of the Set Plan Action 3.2 Positive Energy Districts.

Director for Research and Innovation at University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) of the Czech Technical University in Prague. He was formerly Head of UCEEB Department of Architecture and the Environment and Assistant Professor at the Department of Building Structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering where he also gained his PhD. He previously worked as a consultant in building physics, energy in buildings and renewable energy sources for Atelier DEK and EkoWATT. He is currently engaged in several EU funded interdisciplinary research regarding the sustainable built environment, energy efficient buildings, life cycle assessment of buildings and digitalization in the construction industry.

Associate Professor and former Dean of the School of Technology and Design at the City University of New York. Founder of Kevin Hom Architects his firm has received numerous awards, including Firm of the Year from the Society of American Registered Architects. Given his experience in sustainable design and circular systems, he also taught or lectured at Columbia, UCLA, University of Sao Paul, City University of London, Pratt, New York University, and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Professor Hom is a Fellow of American Institute of Architects, past Visiting Resident Professor at the Polytechnic in Milan. In 2020, he was named a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Bologna.

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