NEXTBUILT Observatory is run by a permanent staff, which is regularly joined by PhD candidates, Master's students, visiting fellows and researchers from several countries, who offer different perspectives and background, enriching the international environment of the team.


Ernesto Antonini

is a Professor of Architectural Technology and the coordinator of the Master’s degree in Architecture and Creative Practices for the City and Landscape. He is chartered Expert Evaluator of the Italian Ministry for University and Research, the Italian Ministry for Economic Development as well as for the Regional Government of Toscana, Marche and Veneto. 

His research interests focus on innovation in building technology; tools and  certification schemes for building and components; recycling of construction & demolition waste; sustainable architecture; refurbishment and rehabilitation of public buildings.  

Jacopo Gaspari

is a Professor of Architectural Technology. He joined and coordinated several international research projects dealing with the transition to low carbon and energy efficient built environment particularly cooperating with EIT Climate KIC. He serves as Expert Evaluator for the EU, the Italian and Portuguese Ministries for University and Research. 

His research interests focus on building renovation and sustainable design, urban regeneration and transition towards energy efficiency and low carbon communities, climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, climate responsive building envelopes. 

Lia Marchi

is an Adjunct Professor and Research fellow at the University of Bologna where she also gained her PhD. She is an expert in LEED certification with a specific focus on industrial sites. She also serves as expert reviewer for several journals on a regular basis. She also joined a specialist training  within the Climate KIC education environment. 

Her research interests focus on energy transition in the built environment, users behavioural change, industrial sites aesthetics , rating systems and certification process, energy efficient solutions in residential buildings and sustainable design of industrial sites. 

Licia Felicioni

is PhD candidate and researcher operating at the University of Bologna, the Czech Technical University in Prague and the linked University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings. She is involved in several European project concerning life cycle assessment of building materials and components and climate-responsive technologies. She is LEED Green Associate since January 2020. She is  the web and communication manager of the NEXTBUILT Observatory.

Her research interests focus on sustainability and resilience in the built environment, building rating systems and life cycle assessment of buildings and components.  




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