TOPIC 2 - repository

Energy Efficiency and Comfort Optimization in Shared Indoor Spaces

Fatih Topak, Gregory S. Pavlak, M. Korey Pekeriçli and Julian Wang | Penn State University, United States

Changing into low- energy residential buildings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

Suzan Aboul Hesn and Philippe H. Saleh (108) | Notre Dame University, Lebanon

Social Resilience in Housing Performance: A Case Study of Low-energy Housing in the UK

Melis Tekin | University of Sheffield, United Kingdom 

Climate-aided building’s façade: digital workflow for façade generation in hot climate  

Angelo Figliola | University of Camerino, Italy

Factors influencing the social perceptions and choices towards a circular housing sector 

Beatriz Medina | WE&B, Spain

Renewable Distributed Generation Evolution in the Brazil and Italy between 2000-2021  

Felipe B. F. Cunha, Jose de A. Santos, Francesca Pilo, Carlo A. Nucci, Marcelo S. Silva and Ednildo A. Torre | AESS, Italy

Tackling performance gap in the UK modular housing: How do communication and feedback processes affect sustainable household practices?

Meyra Bas | University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

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