TOPIC 3 - repository

Rehabilitation Experiences in Paris: Seeking Architectural Quality and Energy Performance

Julien Correia | de Jean-Marin Architecture Paris, France

Alternative Cementitious Binders

Nazanin Love | Hasslet University, Belgium

Bomboo Utilisation: A Sustainable Approach Towards Shaping the Future of a Diverse Built Environment in Vietnam

Dinh Phuoc Le | Hanoi Architectural University, Vietnam

A Multiscalar Approach to Renovate the Building Stock Towards a Resilient and Adaptive Built Environment 

Laura Sacchetti, Fabio Conato and Valentina Frighi | University of Ferrara, Italy

A New Approach For Workspace Service Provision 

Razaman Sari and Mehmet Koray Pekeriçli | Antalya Bilim University and Middle East Technical University, Turkey

A component-oriented strategy for building digital design using a product architecture

Sila Çankaya Topak, Arzu Gönenç Sorguç and John I. Messner | Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Embodied Greenhouse Gas Assessment of Tall Building Structures: an Overview of Comparative Studies 

Beste Fakıoğlu Gedik, Bekir Özer Ay and Ayşem Berrin Çakmaklı Zeytun | Middle East Technical University, Turkey

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