Harmonia Project: Pluralist engagement to enhance cities’ Climate Change preparedness 

Laurine Duivon and Yulia Barsukov | URBASOFIA, Romania

Improving circularity in the building sector to cope with climate change: Shared actions among operators 

Fuat Emre Kaya and Antonello Monsù Scolaro | University of Sassari, Italy

Experimental urban design workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam, innovations in urban space production

Thai Huyen Nguyen | Hanoi Architectural University, Vietnam 

Circularity and Resilience: from multidisciplinary experimentation to urban transformation 

Marie Asma Ben Othmen and Gabriella Trotta-Brambilla | Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle, France

Is Circularity a Measure for Complexity in Architecture?

Arzu Gönenç Sorguç and Müge Kruşa Yemişcioğlu | Middle East Technical University, Turkey

The Coast-RiskBySea model for the assessment of extreme sea level risk in coastal urban settlements 

 Maria Fabrizia Clemente | University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Building Framework for Rural Built Environment Transformation Assessment under New Rural Development policy in Hanoi rural–urban fringe 

Quang Huy Nguyen, To Nga Huynh and Viet Huy Nguyen | Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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